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What is this about?

This is about doing something (anything you believe in) over a decent amount of time (100 days), beyond excuses, procrastination, obstacles, mood swings, and unexpected interruptions to develop perseverance & keep our personal aspirations alive. Our souls get tired but we don't have to stay tired. Join me to rejuvenate with self-care and determination.The Century Sprint works best when you journal your daily activities, feelings and emotions.The Century Sprint is not about beating ourselves up and stressing out.


How do we get started?

Spend a few minutes assessing your situation and decide on a goal for the next 100 days. For example, I want to work on developing my professional skills every day even though I'm going through a personal crisis.

  • Write down 3 items to work on over 100 days (no more than 3 usually).

  • Commit to personal development, if I don't have my back, am I even serious about my life?

  • Create a backup plan to compensate for any unexpected slips because life can sprinkle surprises.


How is Progress Possible?

A consistent effort can build brain muscles too. Daily practice of any skill results in confidence and self-development. Procrastination fades away as the initial resistance is overcome with commitment. Slowly, but steadily an impossible something becomes possible. Progress happens as a combined effort of thought process and physical action. The 3 simple steps to achieving progress:

  • Pragmatic commitment and consistent action.

  • Recognize your effort and appreciate your self-development.

  • Remembering the bigger picture with optimism and strength.


When & Why do you give up ?

Sometimes, we have to give up to make space for something more important at the present moment. You may have to take a break. Or maybe you have come to the understanding that this is not for you. Either way, you have Developed Clarity and Achieved Conviction.

  • Sometimes, giving up is about choosing your battles. You may want to lose a battle to win a war.

  • Developing conviction over uncertainty and summoning the strength to make a decision to change your direction is great progress.

  • But make sure that you are giving up in strength, not because you feel hopeless.

Join the Progress

  • When you join the Century Sprint, you are joining a small group of people who are learning about themselves and helping each other as we go.

  • We'll meet once a week online and discuss success & roadblocks. Even a new roadblock is a sign of progress.

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